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Buddleja marrubiifolia forms a rounded bush bearing hairy silver leaves and marble sized heads of orange flowers. As it grows naturally in desert conditions the plant will tolerate a wide range of temperatures as long as it is grown in a free draining soil.



Described and named by English botanist George Bentham in 1846, B. marrubifolia was only introduced into cultivation in 2013.

The species grows wild from the Chiluanhuan Desert in Texas to New Mexicoon limestone soils in canyons at altitudes of 600-2250m.


  • Flower Colour: Orange
  • Habit: Rounded shrub
  • Eventual height: 100cm (3ft)
  • Hardiness: Desert growing plant will tolerate low temperatures
  • Leaf colour: Silver covered in dense white hairs
  • Flowering: Summer
  • Fragrance: Scented
  • Situation: Free draining soil essential
  • Wildlife:

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Place of Origin

Chiluanhuan Desert in Texas to New Mexico

Plant Heritage

Accession Number B178

All details of our collection are held on the main Plant Heritage database including plant name, accession number, date of accession and plant source.


  • Genus Buddleja
  • Species marrubiifolia
  • Category Tender Species Shrub

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