Buddleja are magical when covered in butterflies


Regular removal of spent flowers will extend the flowering period of all summer flowering Buddleja.

I spend 8-10 hours a week removing dead flowers. When 50-60% of the flowers have gone brown I remove the flower

Remove all dead or dying flowers for more flowers and butterflies

If plants get very dry then it may be necessary to water.sometimes I give smaller amount of Vitax Q4 in early August, possible better to liquid feed but with 150 to look after it is not practical.


The correct amount to give depends on how rich the soil is but in general about a large cup-full per plant is should be sufficient. The fertiliser can be applied as a top dressing or lightly raked into the soil at the base of the plant. Liquid feed is also suitable and can be used throughout the growing season to support flowering – tomato feed is high in potash and is ideal.

When they are flowering, usually from early July, it is advisable to remove all the dead flowers every few days. If the seed capsules start developing the formation of new flowers will be suppressed as the plant directs all its energy into seed production. Regular dead-heading prolongs the flowering period with a second and even a third flush of flowers into September, although as the season progresses the flower panicles do get smaller. Those first flowers in July are always the biggest and the best.