Buying a Buddleja


  1. 2-3l pot (6-7”) are the best buys
  2. Medium height Buddleja 30cm (12”) x 20cm (8”) across. Plants would be taller if in flower.
  3. Don’t buy plugs
  4. Healthy and bushy
  5. A framework of new shoots coming away from the base of the plant
  6. Good root system. Plants may appear pot bound but the roots can be teased out at the base.
  7. No pests and diseases
  8. Buy mid March to end of October
  9. If you buy in the winter keep in a glasshouse until the spring
  10. Labelled true to name
Good plant to buy in a 3 L pot
Good plant to buy in a 3 L pot

Invasive plants

Also of interest  this data is from the USA would also apply to the EU

The number of seedlings germinated from a 0.1 gram subsample, and the predicted number (extrapolated) of germinant from two entire panicles. 

The USDA does not list or control Invasive plants. This is done on a state level. You can see the Oregon Department of Agriculture Sterile Buddleia list at


Cultivar/Selection name # Germinated per 0.1 gram sowed


Seeds germinated per 2 panicles



Black Knight 99.6 1156.8
Pink Pagoda 0 0
Peacock 26.4 551.8
Pink Delight 57.8 1901.0
Potter’s Purple 54.8 1699.7

* Values shown represent the averages of 5 single plant replications.