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x lewisiana Margaret Pike

Buddleja x lewisiana ‘Margaret Pike’ bears spikes of yellow flowers early in the year. Proving to be tender the plant is best grown in a pot and given winter protection.

If you have the space in a frost free glasshouse or conservatory I recommend this Buddleja as it looks spectacular from late January to early March. Best moved outside for the summer months.


A cross made between B. madagascariensis x B. asiatica  by A V Pike at Hever Castle, England in 1951.



  • Flower Colour: Yellow
  • Habit: Lax shrub
  • Eventual height: 200cm (6ft)
  • Hardiness: Tender
  • Leaf colour: Pale green
  • Flowering: Winter
  • Fragrance:
  • Situation: Glasshouse
  • Wildlife:

Project Details



Place of Origin

Central China, west China and Japan

Plant Heritage

Accession Number B065

All details of our collection are held on the main Plant Heritage database including plant name, accession number, date of accession and plant source.


  • Genus Buddleja
  • Hybrid x lewisiana 'Margaret Pike'
  • Category Tender hybrids Shrub
  • Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline, cultivation notes should be followed

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