This web site has being designed for both the amateur and the professional grower;

The plant selector feature will help you discover the Buddleja  which is suitable for your garden ranging from a shrub, small tree, wall growing or in a pot; listing all the heights and colours.


Alternatively the search icon on the left of the page will instantly find any of the 164 + Buddleja just  type in  i.e. sugar  lew  miss  cord  just part of the name.

Reviews are based on the observations of the Keeper of the Collection, customer comments and sales.

National Collection (Plant Heritage) accession numbers listed.

Information on what plant cannot be propagated,  all the Plant Breeders Rights protection numbers and codes from CPVO, Defra etc.

The site offers simple practical tips and advice from buying plants to cultivation in order to maximize your success.

When complete each entry will have main description, key points, height, length of flower and history.

Photos will include the overall bush, panicle and close up of the flower and leaves with a brief botanical description using RHS colour codes.


All Buddleja in the National Collection are illustrated in stunning colour.

Photos by renowned photographer Richard Loader  and Peter Moore.