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Buddleja auriculata is a lax growing shrub with branches which arch to the ground in places. The small cream flowers are borne on the previous year’s wood in late autumn or winter. Plants need protection from frost, best grown on a south facing wall. Plants outside will be root hardy however all top growth will die and resprout in spring.

For a number of years there was an impressive specimen growing on the back wall of the herbaceous border at Longstock Park and at the National Trust’s Hinton Ampner in Hampshire.



Collected in 1813 by English explorer William John Burchell, named and described by George Bentham in 1836.

B. auriculata is widespread throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique where it prefers rocky ravines on mountain slopes or the edges of high elevation evergreen forests.



  • Flower Colour: Small and cream
  • Habit: Arching
  • Eventual height: 200cm (6ft)
  • Hardiness: Requires frost protection
  • Leaf colour: Medium to dark green
  • Flowering: Late autumn - early winter
  • Fragrance: Scented
  • Situation: Sheltered position, requires frost protection
  • Wildlife: Attractive to comma and red admiral butterflies

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Place of Origin

S.Africa,Cape Province, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

Plant Heritage

Accession Number B121

All details of our collection are held on the main Plant Heritage database including plant name, accession number, date of accession and plant source.


  • Genus Buddleja
  • Species auriculata
  • Category Semi tender Species Shrub
  • Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline, cultivation notes should be followed

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