Buddleja davidi

Ellen’s Blue

What started as a stray seedling took the gardening world by storm and is an insect treat. 

 In our display bed by the Summer House at Longstock it is a compact plant, ideal for smaller gardens. Bearing blue violet flowers.



BuddlejaEllen’s Blue’ is an American cultivar, raised from a chance seedling of ‘Lochinch’ in the garden of Ellen Hornig at Oswego, New York. Ellen was the owner of Seneca Hill Perennials. Following the Royal Horticultural Society’s Buddleja Euro-trials at Wisley, B. ‘Ellen’s Blue’ was recommended for an Award of Garden Merit in 2010.



  • Flower Colour: Blue violet with an orange throat
  • Habit: Compact
  • Eventual height: 100-150cm (3-5ft) Spread: 100-150cm (3-5ft)
  • Hardiness: Very hardy - 20°C USDA zones 5-9
  • Leaf colour: Medium green
  • Flowering: Very floriferous. The flowers are 20-25cm (8-9") in length
  • Fragrance: Sweetly scented and rich in nectar
  • Situation: Prefers a sunny position
  • Wildlife: Good for bees, butterflies and other insects
  • Later in the year some close up images of the flowers and leaves will be added along with a botanical description.

Project Details



Place of Origin

Central China, west China and Japan

Plant Heritage

Accession Number B141

All details of our collection are held on the main Plant Heritage database including plant name, accession number, date of accession and plant source.


15 Buddleja were awarded an AGM  at the 2008-10 Wisley Trial.  It was mainly the  Buddleja davidii that were judged but we have many others in our 160+ collection which are worthy winners.

  • Genus Buddleja
  • Species davidii
  • Cultivar 'Ellen’s Blue’ AGM
  • Category semi - deciduous Shrub
  • Colours and sizes are approximate and are intended as a guideline, cultivation notes should be followed

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